About us
About us

The SANTEKIN company specializes in the distribution of equipment and food supplements for horses.

Santékin works closely with equine health professionals and through brands with strong expertise such as: Game Ready, Holiste or Winback.

In 2018, the Ecurie des Ludels based in Villemoirieu in the Rhône Alpes region created Caval'Game by taking into account the performance, rehabilitation and recovery needs of sport horses.

With this experience on the sport or race horse, we have extended our activity from equipment distributors to food supplements.

This global approach to the management of equine pathologies, in full evolution, has allowed us to develop the company and to rename it SANTEKIN.

Our mission

SANTEKIN supports you in the performance of your horses.

Assisted by professionals equipped with the latest technology and guided by the latest scientific recommendations.

Our vision

To be the daily partner of professionals, committed to building a new practice of physiotherapy and well-being for the horse of tomorrow.